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News & Announcement
Take a peek at the latest updates and announcements concerning Transient Mirage.
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Rules & F.A.Q
Read before you proceed to the other parts of the forum.
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Introduce yourself for others to welcome you here. Let us know you exist.
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Touch Base
Address your queries and post your suggestions or comments regarding the forum or scanlation group.
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Recruitment Center
Want to help TRANSIENT MIRAGE to release faster? then come and join us! TRANSIENT MIRAGE is always looking for new staff members.
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Thread: Guidance/Your Personal Sensei
Posted by: Queen

Scanlation Projects
Looking for our latest releases? come and grab them!
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Ongoing Projects
Active mangas we are scanlating.
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Thread: Crown
Posted by: Queen
Joint Projects
List of our joint project with the other group.
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Thread: Chun Hyang Bi Hwa
Posted by: Queen
Completed Projects
Manga projects that we have finished scanlating.
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Thread: Kaikan Styling
Posted by: Queen
Future & Upcoming Projects
Mangas that we are scanlating but have not released & those that we will begin when some of our current projects are completed.
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Thread: Shibatte Agemasu
Posted by: Queen
Dropped/Hiatus Projects
Projects that we dropped for various reasons or have stopped scanlating for now, but we will be later picked up again.
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Chat & Relaxation Cafe
General Discussion
Talk about anything non-related to manga, anime, drama, music, or graphics.
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Manga Haven
Topics related to manga, regardless of genre {romance, mystery, etc} or category {shoujo, shounen, etc.}
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Anime Haven
Topics related to anime, regardless of genre {romance, mystery, etc} and category {shoujo, shounen, etc.}
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Entertainment Den
Share your opinions on your favorite dramas, television series, movies and online videos.
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Music Sanctuary
Share your favorite songs, bands, artists and anything related to music here.
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Creative Lounge
Be proud of your latest graphics, drawings, creative writing, images and anything art-related.
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